Ritual Springs

by Ritual Springs

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released April 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Ritual Springs Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: hand on the wire
Hands are the wire, taps
Contempt for your most beautiful lines.
I rot, you grow.
Destruction of process.
Swallow me whole,
While I’m still alive.
Rivet ones eye.
Bearer of burden.
Swallow me whole.
Your language is lies.
I hear through the walls.
Your touch is my vice
Your in control.
I’ve lost control.

All the scratches I’ve received.
And the nicks.
And the cuts.
And the trips.
And the bumps.
They make me fall to my knees.

Violate me.
My hands are tied.
Your dysfunction keeps me alive.
Devotion and conquest.
Your hands are the wire.
Elegance faulty, I’m your design.
Planned obsolescence.
I a gadget/
I’m your possession.
You are my habit.
Abnegation signals the blind
Your hands are the wires.
My mouth is wired.

If it were just a breeze.
No dirt on my face, no elbow grease.
What would be left to wash away.

Fixation and ritual
Enslavement is progress
Carnalities, vigilance.
Perfection in distress
Information gathering
I hear through the walls.
Method obstruction.
I hear through
Your voice is like wires.
Track Name: cuff and a crease
Falling through prismatic streaks.
Blue line defines your purest intentions.
Stimulus. Glass eyed magnetic hiss.
Your purity is so naïve. You’ve chosen me.
Your noble exposure.
Grasping. Aching. You need.

Cuff and a crease.
Broken teeth.
Glass frames these Champagne shards.
White lines define.
Concepts of time.

Blood draw.
Vulnerable isle.
Push slowly.
Glamorous vile.

Inhale your excuses.
Swallow apologies.
Plug all your purpose.
Inject lack of reasoning.
Wrap up those arms.
Evidence of harm.

Cuff and a crease.
Broken teeth.
Glass frames these Champagne shards.
White lines define.
Concepts of time.
Track Name: oh agnes
You trespassed against us.
Holy figment.
Keep calming.
Vice nor virtue.
Feeding a diet.
Pitch black prescription.
Please come to grips with this crisis.
Oh Agnes.
And this.
And this.

The lights are fading.
Memories shifted.
Narrowing visions.
Veil unlifted.
Lavender keepsake.
Sliver and fortune.

Oh Agnes.
Tongue slips.
End this.

Please end this
Oh Agnes.
Track Name: precious goods
Know it deep down in your gut.
The shoe is on the other foot.
A treasure trove of tragedy.
Vacuum joy to vacancy
Cover blown, lose the veil
Seduced by the devil's tail.
A pitch black stream of anti-hope.
Touting up through holy throats
Dooming beam of Ultimate
Power pure unfaltering
Locked into a figure eight
Back on track with no escape
Gamma ray of anti-faith/fate
The slicing judgment of a blade
Sort me out to spite no one
After all is said and done
Metastasizing through your soul
I'm doling out to make me whole
The precious goods of mine, I stole
A shoveled life - A perfect hole
The underbelly of a cure
You thought you knew- don't be so sure
Lasers, flames, and no erase
Brazen chests to chin and face
Hex upon the all who race
Victor spoils the stand in place
Track Name: wild elegance
Don’t you know it’s true, I lie and lie and lie to you.
And lie and lie and lie.
Well at least I’m honest.
Take you for granted, I take advantage
Take what I need, I’ll promise then vanish
No consequences for my sins when you show no damage.
It’s hard to prove my crimes.
Leave you in the dark at daylight
Don’t bite the hand that feeds your ego
Teeter on the steeple.
It’s salesmanship, balancing.
And therein lies the paradigm.
What’s yours is mine if I invest the time
Grift grips, ripping through their lives.

Call me selfish, or even perverse
When I take what I want
But don’t care who get’s hurt.
Backhanded blessings, but worthy addressing
You get what you give, when no love is pressing.

Oh how I’ve mislead you I lied and lied to make it through and lied and lied and lied Visions of the blinded.
Sincere serenity, fabricated fantasy
Deliver the harm with the softest kiss
Disregard your every wish
Monitor my every need
Neglecting you so lovingly
A twist of fate, the rules of chance.
Regretful of your circumstance.
Track Name: collision point
Protect me from the thrills
Brittle like glass
Protect me from the flares
of a guilty crash.
The utility of scars melt into dust
The diamond edged reality
Slips through the cuts
Collect not on a scorching surface.
No threshold in a sunken purpose
Drone on and on, endless division
Infinite split second decision

Passing through, hurried youth
Hand in hand was the plan
Solid air, conscience bare.
No Remorse. Rush and force.

Decorate the sky where mountains clash.
Soaring just beyond the worlds of forgotten past.
The collection of the scars history cut
On a mission, need to touch the depths of trust

Collision point, Heaven’s voice
Hell to pay, free of choice.
Thunder cloud, overground
Vice like lightning
Waves of loud
Track Name: rivals of the past
I want to live in a brand new world.
Where leaders don’t take the role of Gods.
And hope is greater than futile thoughts.
Turn blind eyes. Neglect, decline.
Tapped the lifelines.
Depraved profits (prophets)
Radiate these plastic seas.
Fleeing from your years of silence.
Inaction is an act of violence.

With hands of time our fate unwinds.
Deplete and watch the waters rise.
Glutton pigs so ravenous
Nothing grows but our fears.

Forsake the truth.
Remove yourself
Abandon lands
For arks of guilt
Wither old world
Project your myth
Daft optimist
We reach.

Head into the coldest black
Guidance lights. Directionless.
Incriminate with the clearest of conscience.
Ignorance is not innocence.
Your greatest endeavors, most fruitless of efforts.
Consumerist vice comes at a high price.
Disregard the warning signs.
Mass extinction of mankind.

Track Name: safety cage
World is full of skin and brace.
Drain your life of thoughts and wonder.
Beg to swim, Eyes fixed wide.
Hand and neck, you’ll be pulled under.
Good riddance to this safety cage.
The needle sews. The burning page.
And always want’s your greatest need.
Extract your faith, oh cripple.

Oh how I thought the world of you.
With fist and foot
And lock and handle
With gold and milk
Carry an arm to help you along.

Oh how I thought the world of you.
With fist and foot
And lock and handle
With gold and milk
Carry an arm to help you along.

Oh how I caught the world on fire.
With sword and arm
And iconic charm.
As rust and rot takes down your vessel.
Pray to your shallow gods.

A lapse of force, investigates.
Move along manuscripted angles.
Pulpit pose. Bear your cross.
Demystify your deepest cover.
The cost is far too much to pay.
Since royals can’t afford those dreams.
Settle for scraps and shame.
Easy for you to blame.